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Age-adjusted h-indices   


The analysis is based on a Google Scholar citation search carried out on 08/14/2019.

The various h-indices follow the notation given by Ellison (AEJ Appl Econ, 2013). The h(1,1,0) index is the h-index of Hirsh (2005). The h(10,1,10) is the Wu-index of Wu (2010). The last two h-indices are the preferred index estimates of Ellison (2013). The age-adjusted index values are obtained by applying the age-adjustment factors reported in Table A3 of Ellison (2013).

The last column excludes the paper I worked with Leonard Green and Joel Myerson during my undergraduate years at Washington University titled "Area under the curve as a measure of discounting", published in the Journal of Experimental Analysis and Behavior (2001).